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    • 220v 230v dimmable smd gu10 5w led spotlight WARM WHITE


      This is a model enter in the market in 2007,through 5 years improvement the defective rate is lower then 0.2%,It is a very stable product.

      Power: 5W , Luminous flux: 290 and 310lm , Light Source : Itswell , Socket: GU10 , CRI>75, BeamAngle:140deg,CCT:2800K/4000K/5750K, Voltage:180-240V,Dimmability: Dimmable available

    • sharp cob led spotlight,220V 230V Dimmable gu10 5w led spotlight


      Win the favor of old customer when enter the market in 2011,help lepu attract lots customer.It is a high end market really deserve to sell.

      Power: 5W , Luminous flux: 286 and 324lm , Chip: SHARP COB , Socket: GU10 , CRI>80,R9=12, Beam Angle: 36deg ,CCT:2700K/4000K, Voltage : 180-260V , Dimmability: Dimmable available

    • semi dimmable gu10 6w led spotlight


      Enter in the market in 2008,deeply liked by shopping mall,super market,Photography agency because of its beautiful reflector up and high RA.Replacement for 50W AR111 halogen lamp.

      Power: 15W , Luminous flux: 571 and 743lm ,GU10 Base,AR111, CCT:2700K/4000K,Chip:Citizen COB LED,Beam Angle:15° and 30°; CRI>85 ,Voltage : 180-240V.

    • screen 3


      Classial 3*2W models enter in the market in 2007,45° and 60° deeply liked by customer,has a very beautiful light shade.

      Power: 3*2W , Luminous flux: 200 and 220lm , Light Source: 3*2W High Power Semi Led , Socket: GU10 , Beam Angle:15°,25°,45°,60° ,CCT:2700K/4000K/5750K, Voltage : 180-240V ,Dimmability: Dimmable available

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    Model: RS-S5050X60N-10
    Led Type: smd5050
    Led Qty: 60leds/m


    Product detail
    1.Small volume,flexible,can be bent to any angle for fixing,easy to install;
    2.Light source is covered by silicone,super brightness and luminous efficiency,wide viewing angle with good consistant aperture;
    3.Use double-side imported rolled cooper FPC,good folding endurance and current capability;
    4.Use multi-loop circuit design;each loop can work separately after be disconnected;
    5.Low power consumption,low DC voltage,safe and reliable;
    6.All raw materials comply with RoHS.
    LED stype 5050 SMD LED
    Available colors R/G/B/Y/WW/W/RGB
    Viewing angle(θ)  ≥120°
    Luminous flux(lm)
      R                  G                       B                        Y                   WW                        W
    1350            3150               720                     1350             5400                    5400 
       R                    G                        B                       Y                     WW                       W   
    623-630     515-525        465-475             585-593          2800-3200       5500-6500
    LED qty/Roll 300pcs
    Lifespan >50,000 hours
    Electric parameter 
    Working voltage(V) DC12V
    Power consumption(W) 72W
    Driving method Constant voltage
    Wires&series connection length
    Wires UL1007 20# line Red&Black wires,'Red:DC+','Black:DC-' length 150mm
    Standard length in serial connection  5M
    Maximum length in serial connection  5M
    Outer parameter
    Package Antistatic bag
    Dimension 5000*10*2mm
    FPC Color Brown/White
    Fixing mode
    Double-sided adhesive 3M adhesive tape
    Environment parameter
    Working Temperature -40℃- + 50℃
    Storage Temperature  -50℃- +60℃
    IP Grade IP33


    How to cut and how to connect

    LED Strip How to Connect

    RGB led strip size:

    RGB led strip installation:


    Advertising Industry: slim light box, backlight of illuminated letters and outline of illuminated signs;
    Decoration Industry: light decoration for all types of shops, super markets, furniture, etc;
    Back Lighting: back lighting and ideal atmosphere creating for leisure and entertainment places

    LED Strip home decoration 1 LED Strip home decoration 2
    LED Strip home decoration 3 LED Strip home decoration 4 LED Strip home decoration 5LED Strip in cars

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