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    • 220v 230v dimmable smd gu10 5w led spotlight WARM WHITE


      This is a model enter in the market in 2007,through 5 years improvement the defective rate is lower then 0.2%,It is a very stable product.

      Power: 5W , Luminous flux: 290 and 310lm , Light Source : Itswell , Socket: GU10 , CRI>75, BeamAngle:140deg,CCT:2800K/4000K/5750K, Voltage:180-240V,Dimmability: Dimmable available

    • sharp cob led spotlight,220V 230V Dimmable gu10 5w led spotlight


      Win the favor of old customer when enter the market in 2011,help lepu attract lots customer.It is a high end market really deserve to sell.

      Power: 5W , Luminous flux: 286 and 324lm , Chip: SHARP COB , Socket: GU10 , CRI>80,R9=12, Beam Angle: 36deg ,CCT:2700K/4000K, Voltage : 180-260V , Dimmability: Dimmable available

    • semi dimmable gu10 6w led spotlight


      Enter in the market in 2008,deeply liked by shopping mall,super market,Photography agency because of its beautiful reflector up and high RA.Replacement for 50W AR111 halogen lamp.

      Power: 15W , Luminous flux: 571 and 743lm ,GU10 Base,AR111, CCT:2700K/4000K,Chip:Citizen COB LED,Beam Angle:15° and 30°; CRI>85 ,Voltage : 180-240V.

    • screen 3


      Classial 3*2W models enter in the market in 2007,45° and 60° deeply liked by customer,has a very beautiful light shade.

      Power: 3*2W , Luminous flux: 200 and 220lm , Light Source: 3*2W High Power Semi Led , Socket: GU10 , Beam Angle:15°,25°,45°,60° ,CCT:2700K/4000K/5750K, Voltage : 180-240V ,Dimmability: Dimmable available

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    IP65 High Power LED Flood Light
    IP65 High Power LED Flood Light
    IP65 High Power LED Flood Light
    IP65 High Power LED Flood Light

    IP65 High Power LED Flood Light


    Material: Black or Gray Die-cast aluminum & Tempered glass & Aluminum reflectors & Rubber
    Protection Level: IP65
    Beam angle: 120°
    Driver: Constant current drive
    Operating Temperature: -30°-50°
    Operating Humidity: 10%-95%
    Life Span: 50000 hours
    Led Type: High Power LED
    LED Quantity: 1pcs

    Warm White:3000-3500K, Pure white: 6000-6500K


    Part No. Working Voltage Power Light Source Warm White(lm) Nature White(lm) Size(mm)
    RFL-10W 86V-265V AC
    10W 1PCS 650 730 115*90*86
    RFL-20W 86V-265V AC
    20W 1PCS 1370 1486 180*140*100
    RFL-30W 86V-265V AC
    30W 1PCS 2104 2283 225*183*130
    RFL-40W 86V-265V AC
    40W 1PCS 2438 2500 288*240*150
    RFL-50W 86V-265V AC
    50W 1PCS 3517 3837 285*233*150
    RFL-60W 86V-265V AC
    60W 1PCS 3950 3980 310*233*150
    RFL-70W 86V-265V AC
    70W 1PCS 4786 5193 368*285*120
    RFL-80W 86V-265V AC
    80W 1PCS 5179 5200 360*285*110
    RFL-90W 86V-265V AC
    90W 1PCS 5800 6090 360*285*110
    RFL-100W 86V-265V AC
    100W 1PCS 5920 5980 370*287*100
    RFL-10W-RGB 86V-265V AC
    10W 1PCS ---- ---- 115*86*110
    RFL-20W-RGB 86V-265V AC
    20W 1PCS ---- ---- 180*140*110
    RFL-30W-RGB 86V-265V AC
    30W 1PCS ---- ---- 225*185*124
    RFL-50W-RGB 86V-265V AC
    50W 1PCS ---- ---- 288*240*150

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